Old man loves his heating

Being an HVAC service repair man, I most likely have the most random and amusing stories over the past ten years on the job than any other profession might have. Being an HVAC repairman requires you to build relationships with people and spend time in their personal space, so crazy stories are bound to happen from time to time. Just last week I had one of the most hilarious and bizarre encounters. I was sent over to a man’s house to help repair his old and rusty heated gas furnace that broke down on him during a bad snowstorm. I knew going into it that the unit was going to be old, but when I arrived to his house and did my inspection on the unit I was blown away. Most of the time when dealing with “older” heating and cooling units they are usually from the early eighties and late seventies. I kid you not this heated gas furnace had to of been from the fifties at least. I asked the nice old man how long it had not been working and he said “not for twenty years, but I thought now was a good time to get it up and running”. I didn’t know what else to do except laugh and try to help him out. I did the best I could to patch up this old piece of metal, but in the end I recommended him to finally buy a replacement for his beloved unit during the summer. As a certified HVAC repair man, its really true that you never know what type of situations you will be dealing with!

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