Old truck air conditioner repair

Getting a truck that is a tad bit older can come with many errors if you do not keep up with repairs on it, but I was lucky enough to be given a truck that was well kept up, however the past owner of the GMC made sure to change the brakes, check the tires & do some maintenance when it was time to do so. The interior of the car was clean, vacuumed & smelled good, but sadly with older trucks sometimes you can stop from going back. Simply due to old age & discontines of certain parts! Everyone knows that the south can get entirely hot, & when a truck is standing in the sunlight it feels even hotter inside, but after only having the vehicle for a few weeks our Heating & Air Conditioning method started to screw up. It wasn’t getting freezing like it used too & during the Winter time it took a long time & an afternoon for it to sizzling up. After baring about 3 weeks with no air conditioner I knew I could not continue driving like that. I then took it to the shop, where they looked under the car to inform myself and others our car had ran entirely low of ¬†coolant. This is what helps make the air cold than the outside air. Seems as if the previous owner did not assume about that repairs that needed to be tested on every now & again. The mechanic was able to repair the AC concern in a matter of minutes.

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