One huge HVAC family

Living in an old apartment building gave me the opportunity to not just meet, but to fall in love with an adorable old couple.

  • When they celebrated their sixty-fifth anniversary, I was invited to the party and told to bring my parents and boyfriend, if I had one, along.

I had never met so many people before, and I had never known there could be so many HVAC people in one room. It felt like a convention for HVAC techs, but they were all closely related. Apparently, the Klein’s were the parents, grandparents, great and great-great grandparents of all of the HVAC technicians. The original company had been owned by Mr. Klein and the men in the family just followed the family tradition. Mr. Klein told all of his family how he had met me because of his wife. She had taken him up to my apartment when my window air conditioner had quit working. He grumbled and growled, but he told me it needed to be cleaned once in a while. The youngest HVAC tech present was a year older than I was, and he said I was lucky his great grandfather only growled. It said how tough it was to be at the receiving end of that growl when he was angry. I laughed along with him as my parents went off to talk to other people. By the end of the night, he told me that Mr. and Mrs. Klein had demanded he be there that night, and told his dad to take him off the schedule. I was the reason for his command performance.

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