One month of work

I should think better of storing anything of value in my basement,  my area gets water all year… In the warmer months there is a huge amount of rain. The rain falls all day long sometimes with accompanying winds. The colder months have a lot of snow. The snow falls in feet but melts frequently. Everyone that lives here knows there’s always tons of melted snow around. The water frequently leaks into my basement. I can get anywhere from an inch to several feet of water down there. I thought I had the issue fixed. I thought that I had regularly sealed my basement properly, therefore protecting it from the water. I then stored my elliptical machine and some other electronics like my portable A/C units down there. The various A/C units were for each room of my house when the weather gets hot. I had multiple cooling systems stored in the basement. I put them down there to protect them, but this Summer, when I went down in the basement to get out the cooling devices, I instantly saw that there was two feet of water. I had no idea it was down there. I still don’t know exactly how long the water was in there! But the water was stationary long enough to damage everything. The elliptical machine was all rusted. The A/C units also were totally fried. The water ruined the cooling systems from turning on, and rusted them. They were also covered in mold due to the standing water. I had to pump out all the water in my basement plus upgrade the A/C units.

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