One person doesn’t make that much difference

Last week, my boyfriend to me a new restaurant.  I was dressed to the nines and feeling really pretty and sexy.  We got to the restaurant, and it was so hot inside, that I could feel myself beginning to sweat.  Where I was feeling sexy, I was now feeling nothing more than that I was a hot mess. There have been numerous times when I have been all dressed up, only to have my mood, and my clothing destroyed by the heating or the air conditioning in the restaurant, club, or bar that we were at.  I had to run out to the car and retrieve a sweater one night. I looked like a bag lady, because the only thing I could find was a sweater that my grandma left behind, and she weighs almost three hundred pounds. This really sucks, and I would think that they do it on purpose, but I know that they like the people to come in and patron their establishments.  Then the time I went in to a building, and the heating was on really high. That sucked too, so you can imagine my surprise when I went to a club, and the HVAC was set perfectly. I was so thrilled that I actually enjoyed the company and the food without one work. When the waitress came over, I commented on the HVAC. She leaned over and told me that it wasn’t working.  All I could do was laugh. I have to tell you that doesn’t happen very often. I wish all the places I go to would turn off their HVAC once in a while.

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