One winter down, another one to go

The last 44 winters are now behind me.

I can’t quite explain how gleeful I am to be leaving Wintertide behind for some locale where there is year round sunshine.

Therefore long Heating, Ventilation plus A/C furnace and the hundreds of dollars per week it costs to handle. While I’m saying goodbye, let me also bid adieu to all the snow removal device that I will never have to use ever again. They will not be missed at all. There is no snow where I am headed. In all honesty, I may never have to even wear a big coat again in our life. My move will be made even better by the sunroom that has been added to the home all of us bought for our retirement. I recognize that I will be over the moon about just laying in the sunshine whenever I have the desire. Anyways, I also had to be adequate. Where all of us are moving is known for drastic heat while I was in the summer. Due to this, I was focused to have the local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C find a solution for cooling the sunroom. A Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business came out and gave me a few different ideas. His recommendation was to put in a small ductless heating and cooling device inside the sunroom. I didn’t actually realize that was something that could be done. There is no need for any ductwork and the air handler sits right there up on the wall. It works out just right. I’m also glad to have the heat option. While the winters are super mild where all of us will be living, it will be superb to be able to moderate up the sunroom in the afternoon.



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