Only females will be able to work at her HVAC company

I have to really give a bunch of credit to my pal Teri, for everything she has accomplished.

Some people have way more advantages in life than others, & Teri didn’t have any at all.

She actually was an orphan, living with a terrible foster family. She really had no money to speak of, & in general she was one of those “invisible people” that mankind overlooks. Everything she has in life, she received with smarts & very challenging work, & maybe some moxie as well. She recently became the first female Heating & Air Conditioning machine tech for the largest general supplier in the city. This really isn’t enough for Teri , she just sees it as the next step towards her ultimate goal of owning her own Heating & Air Conditioning machine company. Not just any Heating & Air Conditioning company, mind you, she wants her company to have exclusively female professionals taking care of all the repair work. Right now she understands that her job as a Heating & Air Conditioning tech is only partially to do the work, it’s also a way to virtue-signal that the company is totally progressive. They have her doing ads, & promoting the supplier in interviews because they claim to be the most female-friendly Heating & Air Conditioning machine company in town. Teri has a pretty smart plan for her own company which is absolutely female-friendly, with female Heating & Air Conditioning techs working on all the service calls… I asked her if all the Heating & Air Conditioning machine buyers would need to be female, as well, & she laughed at that. It wasn’t about being prejudiced against men in the least, so the supplier would definitely work with all Heating & Air Conditioning machine buyers. It was merely about putting a female presence into an industry that is traditionally 99% male.