Only thing that bothered me was the AC

Staying with my parents is like staying at a B&B in the tropics.

They live down south right on a lake.

The southern weather is hot and brutal. Everyday that I was there the weather got into the 90s and sometimes to the 100s. I had to wear full sunscreen, a hat and long sleeves most of the time. My parents made me breakfast, lunch and dinner. They got my laundry done for me and also put fresh towels in the guest bathroom. It was such a nice stay. My one complaint might be that the cooling system was aggressively set. I get it, the weather is hot. With it getting in the 90s, air conditioning is really necessary. My parents went a bit overboard on this in my opinion. They must set their AC to around 60 degrees. At night my parents would always turn my overhead fan on to work with the air conditioner. They said it is the only way to get the room cool. I would always turn the fan off and then shiver to death at night. I sort of wanted to alter the thermostat setting a bit. I would have bumped that number way up to 70 degrees. Even after being in the sunshine and a bit burned, I did not want to come back to severe cold. The lake water would cling to me and make me feel even colder with that freezing air blowing on me. I joked to my parents that they were like a swanky B&B and that I would give them five stars. Honestly, I might have to dock points for the AC.



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