Onto HVAC needs

Back when I was in going to school, I worked a crappy job to help me make it through those years! I remember this absurd clearance sale the store I worked at had in addition to there was something wrong with our register, but when I was checking out people, a lot of the items wouldn’t ring up for some bizarre reason! Since there was such a huge line of people, I was genuinely under a lot of pressure and stress, then this 1 dude was joking when I rang up this window air conditioner unit he was buying. The window air conditioner unit of course would not ring up, so he said it must be free then! I was so frustrated and kept calling the supervisor for assistance. The supervisor never came and folks were starting to complain while waiting in the neverending line. Well I finally just told the guy he was right, the window air conditioner unit was free and I let him seriously just walked out with it, and i just quit right then and never returned to that lousy job. I ended up genuinely working at a diner right after. It wasn’t the best type of work but I enjoyed the fact that I was paid weekly through tip money, hourly as well as in addition to I genuinely made way more than when I worked at that lousy store, then even the cooling system in the diner was good with a genuinely nice media air cleaner. I never felt covered in sweat from it being too hot, in addition to the air quality was absolutely really fresh. It was no wonder the diner got such good business in addition to that helped me get through my school years.

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