Optimizing My HVAC System

I have been trying to find a way to keep my house cooler during the summer months and warmer during the winter months for an entire year now.

I was tired of paying high utility costs every month, which is why I decided to challenge myself and find a way to decrease my utility costs.

The first thing I did was hire an HVAC professional before each seasonal shift in temperature. The HVAC professional was trained to examine my HVAC system and find any issues that could be causing my utility costs to rise. He replaced my air filter and examined all the intricate parts. The HVAC professional didn’t save me much money because I had to pay him, but he did give me some reassurance and tips. He suggested that I replace my air filter quarterly instead of biannually. A fresh air filter would keep my furnace or air conditioner running effortlessly and efficiently. He also recommended that I clean the outside condenser unit. If I scrubbed the fan and cleared all the leaves away from the base, it would also keep my HVAC system running efficiently. Lastly, I went around and sealed all the doors and windows. The house is older, so a lot of the air was escaping through the cracks, causing my heat and air to run harder. With these changes, I’ve been able to save a decent amount of money on my monthly utility costs over time. I only wish I would have started sooner.


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