Ordering a drink

Time plus time again I seem to not be able to work on being socially awkward when people have to come to our house. I mean, take the HVAC repair companies for example. I should mention that I have used the same heating plus cooling service business for years. I also use the same woman every time. So why I feel all weird about letting the girl into our house, I have no clue. I just can’t seem to help it, but at this point, she knows I’m good, but in the start, at our 1st appointment where she had to come to our condo to repair our heating plus cooling system, I am fairly sure she thought I was really insane, and she was nice enough not to say anything, but there was a typical look on her face. I really try not to feel real awkward when I answer the door to let in the heating, ventilation, plus air conditioner girl, but it just kind of comes out… I hastily don’t know what I need to do plus for some reason our feet stop responding normally. Such a disaster. This is exactly why I have started telling my wife stay home to wait for the HVAC business instead of me. She is so much better at these type of ideas. I’m sort of giving up a day off, although I haven’t ever gotten much finished on those days anyway, but sincerely I think it is worth the hassle.

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