Organizing my house

Sometimes I am amazed and surprised about all the random tasks that exist, which I have no system about. There are lots of jobs that exist and keep society operating and safe, and so many of us are not even aware of them. For instance, who develops the school plans? Who decides where to build homes? Who protects consumers by inspecting companies for safe practices? Well, I now know a little about the HVAC inspection process. You see, I was minding my own business, doing my job at a root beer shop last week, when a huge interruption pulled everyone away from their tasks at hand. A regular-looking middle aged man walked into the store plus nonchalantly walked around, but he was looking intently at the structure. He said nothing for twenty minutes but then he asked to talk to the manager. Instantaneously,  everything changed! The middle-aged man revealed himself to be a public health agent, who came in to examine the new Heating & Air Conditioning system, and that’s when mayhem ensued. The fatherly-looking man circled the walls, taking air vents apart plus shining light into the air ducts. He went into the back room, where he was, I suppose, looking into the furnace and ventilation devices and fans. Then he circled around to the side of the shop plus loudly banged on the cooling system about six times. During this whole ordeal, the supervisor was on the iPhone with the owner of the place, and they were whispering about Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance timetables, but clearly, people were not feeling sure that air handling devices were up to code, which made me worried about my job. The next afternoon when I was getting ready to go into work again, the manager called and said we would be closed for a few days, so I could have some time off.

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