Our air conditioner works awesome

More often than not, manufacturers and their sales teams are presenting goods and services claimed to be the best deal possible. These claims are tossed to consumers who don’t know any better, and can’t see the lies. I am beginning to suppose that the good reviews on some of these company websites were written by either their staff members, or hired writers!

       So following a wonderful description of a particular type of Heating and Air Conditioning technology, my wife and I decided to switch out the seasoned central Heating and Air Conditioning unit for a new one. Sure, that unit had served us so well over so many years, but it could still perform remarkably well for its age! Being aware of the limitations, the two of us made sure to have the filters changed as often as possible, while our A/C professional never missed a tune up appointment – it was guaranteed to last with our effort. So, the two of us were relaxing with our seasoned Heating plus Air Conditioning unit, until a suave Heating and Air Conditioning sales rep convinced us to buy a new system.

       We were conned! Within a week of the new Heating and Air Conditioning system being installed, it began to act out. I am not sure the two of us got even 48 hours of uninterrupted work from it! Something was constantly going wrong, between the control unit, the air handlers, the heat pump or else. I was disappointed with the lack of nice air quality, but I felt more sorry for the Heating plus Air Conditioning servicemen who had to visit several times a week since we’ve had this troubled A/C system installed. They have had to make as many as three visits in a single day to try to solve its complications!

       Now the Heating plus Air Conditioning dealership is proposing the replacement of this new Heating and Air Conditioning unit with another even newer system. Why? I just wish the two of us had stuck with our seasoned Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment, as we at least knew what to expect.

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