Our boat’s a/c

Yes I admit it, I am a tax cheat, but as long as the IRS isn’t around, I brag about it, i make no quams about how much I hate the system of taxation in this country, and I believe that taxation is theft. I do not dig the government garnishing my wages, or taking their piece of the money I earn, so I love to stick it to them and cheat them out of every single dollar I can! You may not agree with me, but that is your problem, I am sick and tired of giving up so much of my paycheck. I live on a houseboat, with a heater and cooling system, a water heater, and a satellite dish, plus I love living this way. I have a series of generators on board, which can keep my TV, my communications radio systems, plus my HVAC machine running for up to numerous weeks without needing recharging, then that said, I love to charge up whenever I can, so I usually stay close to the coast, then with an electrical hookup, I can run my cooling system machine, watch my tv, plus charge up my system all at the same time. When the time comes where I have to bolt out, which happens quite a bit, usually I will stop running the A/C for a while, just to conserve and save energy. I get that a/c is a luxury item, so I enjoy it when I can, then live without it whenever I need to. I could really have air conditioning 24/7 if I became a normal law abiding dork, however I don’t see that ever happening.