Our celebration ruined by HVAC

I have regularly been told that if you want to get far in life & achieve more it’s regularly crucial that you surround yourself with the right group of people, then i’ve met so many people through friends that I already know, and my one neighbor told me that there was a group of people celebration for a netlaboring event from a really reputable company. My neighbor wanted me to go there because she knew that I was looking for a up-to-date job in the calculus field. My neighbor currently works there & she was going & wanted me to go with him. The event was upstairs at a bar! At the event there were some finger foods & free drinks. It was really cold outside so when we decided to go inside it was a nice relief. The event was on the sixth floor upstairs, when we got it felt a lot warmer than the first floor. The Heating & Air Conditioning proposal must have been on full blast upstairs because it did not believe appreciate that downstairs at all. I was regularly told that heat rises, but when i looked on the ceiling at the sixth floor I saw that there were a lot of registers. In our personal opinion I thought that there were too many registers in that size of the space. I felt appreciate with that many air registers in one room it could have heated a 1500 square foot room. It was an older building so maybe the Heating & Air Conditioning technology wasn’t as modern as it should have been. I’m not an Heating & Air Conditioning professional although I do guess the basics on Heating & Air Conditioning… Despite how warm the room was, it was a genuinely enjoyable netlaboring event. I made a lot of unusual connections so when I do apply for one of their positions next week I hope the outcome is a enjoyable one.

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