Our daughter is constantly so funny

Our daughter is so funny all the time. Even when she gets hurt, she is hilarious. I guess it’s because of how extreme she gets for something as self-explanatory as a splinter. She makes valid points of course care about she doesn’t want the wound to get infected. She worries that a area of a splinter could enter her bloodstream and cause her heart to quit beating and things care about that, but now when she says stuff care about that, it easily scares me. She has a certain way of getting your attention so that you can sort of understand things from her point of view. The thing is, with a splinter your body naturally pushes it out. It takes time, however it would happen naturally if you didn’t take care of it yourself! Of course, a splinter is entirely painful and uncomfortable. So whenever she gets a splinter, we constantly go to one of the couches that is right under the Heating, Ventilation and A/C vent. This is so that she can be really comfortable while I’m laboring to pull out the splinter. She entirely likes the a/c to be cranked up if we’re in the hot season. If we get into the Winter months, she prefers to relax in front of the fireplace, which I guess is constantly nice. Occasionally the splinters are self-explanatory to get, and periodically they are challenging. I never mind it either way because we constantly have a nice conversation when I’m helping her out with things care about that. Of course, I wasn’t too blissful the last time, because that’s when she told me about her modern wifey.