Our dinner place HVAC issues

The two of us certainly don’t eat at many lake house restaurants these days. My husband decided to start a vegan diet, and the two of us certainly don’t enjoy the same types of foods any longer. The two of us usually spend most of our evenings at our lake house, where the two of us certainly enjoy our own Foods. Since my parents are also vegetarian, the two of us certainly decided to go out to a nice dinner when they were in town last week. The two of us made Advanced reservations, and certainly arrived several minutes before the lake house was filled up. The two of us and my parents were certainly ready to eat, after they spent several hours on a plane flight into town. Unfortunately, the two of us and my parents were upset by the air conditions. It seems like the A/C component was not working at all. When we mentioned the A/C conditions to we were abruptly and told to wait patiently. The two of us were not going to pay a heap of money for this overpriced meal, when the indoor air conditions were less than suitable. The two of us decided to pay for our drinks and leave. We stopped by The Fresh Market and picked up some mushrooms and asparagus to cook on the grill in our own lake house. At least we knew the indoor air quality would be good and our home. We never went back to that restaurant again for dinner or lunch.

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