Our faux fireplace is our new favorite thing

When my husband and I decided to convert our three seasons porch into our lounge and reading nook, we were concerned about what to do for a source of heating. We wanted something that would match the look and feel of our historic home, but with the ease of modern living. Hooking up the room to the HVAC system was absolutely not in the budget, so we needed to come up with something a little creative. Wood stoves were out due to the mess they cause, and caring for a flue is more work than either of us have time or energy for. Since the room isn’t very big, we decided a space heater could work. But what kind of electric heater was going to match the theme of our house? A space heater needs room to operate, so it wasn’t as if we could stash it under a bookcase or build a cabinet around it. My husband found the perfect solution on his lunch break at work–a fake fireplace. It has all of the convenience and capability of a top of the line infrared space heater, with the beauty and elegance of a fireplace. We bought the new electric fireplace right away, and were able to build our built-in furniture according to it’s size. The gorgeous fireplace looks like it was always part of the room–our friends don’t believe its fake until they realize our house doesn’t have a chimney on the right side of it. Now I can curl up with a finger of scotch and a book after a long day, our dog at my feet, and my husband in the armchair next to me, with the warmth and ambiance of our fireplace.

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