our furnace is really damaged

A few months ago, a terrible storm went on a rampage through town. Many buildings and homes received flood damage. Many people we know went without power for many days. Folks in our immediate area were lucky, because we didn’t lose power as the storm passed through. Our home was far away enough from the worst part of the storm. We didn’t feel the impact of from the most dangerous wind gusts, but there was still a torrent of flooding. Storm rain caused creeks in our area to overflow into streets. The flood waters surrounded our home. The water ended up pouring into our basement. After the rain was over, the water in our basement steadily climbed up higher for an additional 48 hours. By the time the flooding was over, our furnace was completely submerged and then some. The furnace wasn’t the only loss. We keep a lot of items in the basement, like toys, collections, and clothing from when the children were young. Most of these items were ruined by extensive water damage. It took a few days for the water to go down completely. After things were dry, I decided to call out the furnace repair service. Our furnace was still under warranty, but I wondered if it was salvageable. The flood waters completely totaled the furnace, and it could not be repaired. Luckily, our homeowners insurance covered the price of the new furnace and the costs of fitting it. Our furnace repair company worked out all the details, so we were quickly serviced. I hope our area will never see this type of apocalyptic flooding again.

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