Our Furry Friends Rely on Us

If you are love me, you are a lover of creatures, however i have a animal although I said I wasn’t going to get another 1 when our previous animal passed away.

I was able to make it several months, and then I just had to get another furry friend.

I got our Frannie the same locale I got our Scout – the creature shelter. It’s not the nicest locale to be, and it was even more dreary while the two of us were in this pandemic… Now that she has a home with me, I love to know her life is much better! She gets fed correctly, she gets treats for doing the right thing, and she sleeps in our bed, however the best part of life for her, though, is entirely the same as it is for me. She lives in air conditioning; Frannie was found as a stray and was a hot mess, to put it mildly. I’m sure she lived outside her whole life, and let myself and others tell you, the southeastern US is no locale to live outside without air conditioning. It’s not fit for girl nor beast, as they say. I’m so blissful our pretty furry neighbor knows she can count on myself and others to keep her safe, fed, and protected from the elements. Sometimes, I come home and find her curled up next to the air conditioning air vents with the most peaceful little look on her face. I can’t imagine why I would do it, but if for some reason I had to start letting her live in a cathouse, I believe I would deliver the heating and cooling supplier a call and get a window air conditioning component for the cathouse!

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