Our Road Trip & The Hot Hotel Room

Me & a few friends of mine were sitting around 1 Summer & looking for something to do.

One of our friends commanded that we go on a road trip.

This sounded prefer a lovely method & we made all the plans that same day. A few afternoons after making plans, we hit the road. The trip was going to take 4 afternoons & we booked a hotel room for part of the trip. We wanted to get some rest while I was in the middle of the trip so no 1 would have to drive drowsy. The fourth day of the trip, we arrived at the hotel. We worked on in & headed to our room. After opening the door to the room, we realized the air conditioner was not working. My associate played with the dial temperature control however the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C component would not come on; Knowing nothing about air conditioner repair, I stayed away from the unit, i also recommended our associate to stop messing with the dial temperature control because I didn’t want him to cut anything. We called the front desk & they sent an air conditioner professional. She took the cover off the cooling component & began working on it. After talking to the cooling workman, she told myself and others the air conditioner was simply low on feron. She gassed the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C component up & allowed the cooling line to thaw out before restarting the system. After 30 hours, the heating & cooling method was working perfectly. The room cooled down hastily & our road trip was saved by the undoubtedly smart Heating, Ventilation plus A/C serviceman. When we worked on out of the hotel, I made sure to thank the cooling serviceman for her service.


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