Our son kept getting rejected by the girl that he was crushing on

I thought it was heartsplitting when our son asked out this girl he really liked.

She said no, although he didn’t supply up trying to impress her.

He ended up saving a bunch of money plus got her something he thought she would like, a window cooling system unit. She laughed at him when he gave her the gift plus told him she didn’t need a window cooling system unit. He ended up installing that in his own room so he could be comfortable always, especially when sleeping through the night. He considered what she could possibly want plus then he provided her a cheap ring. She scoffed at it plus said that it was nothing however junk. I tried to tell our son that if a girl didn’t care about him for his charm plus wit, then she didn’t deserve him. He tried telling her funny jokes plus things care about that, although she just wanted him to leave her alone. I kept telling him that there were plenty of fish in the sea, which I had to explain to him. He laughed at myself and others when I told him it meant there were plenty of peculiar ladies to choose from out there that he could try to talk to. He said that young ladies should not be referred to as fish because fish have a disappointing odor. He made myself and others laugh at that. He really does have a good personality, I just hope he can find someone who he doesn’t guess he has to try so difficult to impress. At least he has a nice cooling machine in his room now though so he’s more comfortable these nights.