Overheating the cooling system

I went through a truly harrowing situation the other weekend. All of us were really having a relaxed BBQ at our place. It was such a blazing hot day so the HVAC in the home was really cranked up to the max. Well, before I knew it, I heard the smoke alarms blaring as well as after that I seen black smoke pouring out from the house. I ran into the home as well as it was filled with a fogbank of smoke. I ran down to our basement with our fire extinguisher expecting the worse. I found the HVAC equipment was literally on fire! I hastily put out the flames with the fire extinguisher! I couldn’t believe it. I then had to get out of there but I shut off all of the HVAC equipment before I left from the house. I was lucky because I was carefully holding our breath while I was doing all of this so I didn’t really inhale much smoke. When I finally escaped out of there, I gasped for air! I was just thankful that our place wasn’t going to totally burn down. I later l acquired that the HVAC equipment overheated and started out as an electrical fire. When we were finally able to clear out all the black smoke, the place still stinked awful. Fortunately, our insurance covered the fire in the home as well as I was able to get a brand up-to-date HVAC unit. It was such a harrowing situation as well as I really hope this never happens again! Next time that I have nobody inside the household, I guess I’m going to not crank the undefined plan up so high, because I really don’t want this to happen again. I really didn’t understand why the HVAC equipment became overheated because I changed out the air filter regularly as well as had it tuned up before the summer time months.

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