Overworking the fireplace

Here inside the mountains, the people I was with and I are finally seeing the beginning of fall.  It is not tepid outside whatsoever, and the days are becoming incredibly cool. I have consistently enjoyed the fall season.  The leaves turn lovely colors and I smell smoke from fireplaces. I also savor cutting wood into fireplace-size logs, and not using the cooling equipment.  In fact, I have opened the windows the last few days now, although I close them up for the overnights. It is not so frigid yet where I need to turn on the heating equipment, and all I need is an extra blanket.  However, it is time for my annual oil furnace tune-up. In these mountains, I never desire to experience an oil furnace breakdown. I would rather have the Heating & A/C equipment company come out and check out my oil furnace before I get around to using it again.  Afterall, my oil furnace has not been in use for over 6 months now. So I’ll have the Heating & A/C professional check it out and order any parts that might be needed now before the real freezing weather gets here. Every one of us have the fireplace, extra portable heating equipment and lots of blankets, however having a reliable working oil furnace is an absolute must in our region.  So I’ll schedule an oil furnace tune-up for the upcoming week, since I could be turning on that oil furnace the following month. Otherwise, I could be forced to chop a lot more wood for the fireplace than I thought I would need. In fact, I doubt if my wood shed could hold enough wood to keep the fireplace burning regularly. So I am certainly better off with a well-working oil furnace, instead of a fireplace that I would have to rely on.

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