Painting a house with no air conditioning

My wife and I were married in the early 80’s. In that time, I was able to find a job working about two hours outside of town, and would commute to and from our house every day. It was exhausting after a while, so we decided to buy a house closer to where I worked. Since my wife was pregnant with our oldest child at the time, I had her stay back home while I moved our things into the house each day. Exhausting as it was, the worst part was that we decided to keep the power cut off to the new house until we officially moved in. This meant that I was moving our furniture into a house with no air conditioning! The lack of A/C to cool me down as I carried in chairs, tables, and even a couch was physically exhausting. To top it off, I also decided to paint what would be our master bedroom as a surprise for my wife! Painting in a house with no A/C running is not only demanding on the body, but unsafe. The paint fumes aren’t being circulated through the ventilation ductwork and outside, so I was just breathing in the fumes for an hour at a time as I painted that room. I had terrible headaches from the lack of air conditioning or even some form of air circulation, so I had to paint with all the windows open. I was so glad when I was done moving stuff into our new house, as we could finally power the house and run the heating and air conditioning system. I had never appreciated excellent air conditioning as much as I did that day!

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