Pal cranks his air conditioner

My friend Kyle cranks his A/C system so low in the summer… I get where I don’t appreciate going over to his house.

I swear he was a menopaUSl guy or a Hawaian in another life… The guy is hot all the time and desperate for AC; He has his control unit set to 60 and the cold air just drips out of the vents.

If he had a window or portable AC, I could escape the cold from rooms that don’t have it. Instead our friend has central air conditioner so no area is safe. I constantly try to get him to rest outside on his lanai or hang out in the yard. I hate being inside due to the cold; Another trick I try pulling is having him over to our location all the time. If we want to hang out, I push to host. That way I get to set our own control unit and control the amount of cooling I experience. I’m sure our friend is unhappy with our settings. He doesn’t complain though, but so I don’t guess appreciate I can whine about his air conditioner. I just try to hide how bad I hate it. It gets complicated when we go out and drink. His location is way closer to the bars. All of us then get hammered and it just makes sense that I spend the night with him. I freeze the entire night in his guest room though. I contemplate walking beach house or taking an uber almost everytime we go out. Maybe I could smuggle a space oil furnace in his home.