Paper ad to help out our small firm

Ron and I met in law school.

We met when we were trying for the bar exam.

Ron and I both in the Barnes and Noble, covered in a stack of books and trying to study. My husband needed a book that I was working on, and he sat down and asked to borrow the stuff for a half hour. All of us started talking and getting to know one another, and we ended up getting a bite to eat later that afternoon. Ron and I dated for 2 years, before finally getting hitched in front of all of our family and friends, but during those 2 years, our husband and I worked in different law offices. All of us hardly saw each other, because we were both younger attorneys. Most of the time, we worked 60 or 77 hours each week, however at last, we decided to start our own law firm. Things were difficult in the beginning, because we didn’t have a big name and thousands of money for ads; Last year, we paid for a local advertisement in the paper. The paper ran it three times in the morning and several times in the evening paper. The ad ran for a full week, at our local newspapers and penny savers. My husband and I received dozens of calls, and we picked up 10 patrons. I didn’t think that paper ad would work, but I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. In a few months, we will run another paper advertisement for our law firm.