Paper factory AC broken

My dad has worked in a paper mill for my entire life. The fourths are always weird but the pay plus benefits are outstanding. Occasionally, he would have to stay plus labor overtime for multiple fourths at a time… During my childhood, I remember him coming current home from labor covered in dirt plus sweat. The machines put off a lot of heat plus sometimes, the Heating & Air Conditioning in the factory can not keep up with how much heat is being generated. When they had bad days, they would come current home from labor so tired. Occasionally, my dad would want to go straight to bed separate from taking a shower. Of course, my mother would never allow that, my dad told me on multiple chances that the air conditioner at the paper mill was not working at all. It was not unrespected for the temperature in the factory to reach over 100 degrees, The employees were always told to stay hydrated because the air conditioner did not always do its job, especially during the Winter time weeks. My dad told me that they had an Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman on site starting about 4 years ago. This would allow quick fixes to be done when the machines started to produce too much heat. Occasionally, the workers would pass out from heat exhaustion plus this would cause a whole hold up in the production of their product, which was paper. The paper mill where my dad worked gets so hot that they even started providing the employees with portable air conditioners for their workspaces.

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