Parents always know best

At this point nearly everyone in my family thinks that I have a very serious problem when it comes to spending too much money. Clothes, cars, you name it. I love to have the nicest and most expensive things in my possession. I used to think that they all were crazy and just being dramatic, until one fateful winter day. At my apartment, my heating unit had been acting strange for the past month or so. My girlfriend kept telling me that I should call an HVAC tech to check on it just in case but I thought that would be a waste of money. Instead of using the money to patch up the heating unit like a normal adult would, I went out with some friends and bought three new pairs of shoes to go along with a few new gucci shirts. The same night that I went on that shopping spree, I woke up to my apartment being freezing cold. I walked over to try to turn up the heating unit, but I realized that it wasn’t running whatsoever. The minute that I was about to call over to the HVAC company to have them send somebody out to help me, I realized that I had spent all of my money on my new clothes and shoes. I would have to wait for another two weeks before I would get paid again, which meant two weeks of freezing day and night in my own apartment. I really learned my lesson that day, and since then I have done my best to clean my bad habits up.

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