Passive aggressive HVAC behavior

You know what I can’t stand? People who put on a face! You know, the coworker who smirks as they talk about your “terrible contributions”, or a family member passive-aggressively telling you that they would do things differently if your child was theirs, people like to talk about how lovely they would do at something, but guess what happens when they have the occasion to step up? That’s right, they’re nowhere to be found. This is consistently the case with our fiance’s sibling, however he’s older than myself and others by a few years, and seems to have “older sibling” syndrome with me. I work as a professional heating and air conditioning repair serviceman, but he’s worked with a local electrician as a contractor for a couple years, but while our jobs differ greatly, she consistently enjoys to tell myself and others that I’m wasting all of my time as an HVAC serviceman. “You should be an electrician”, she says, “we can do anything you guys do better!” I had enough of her talk, so I decided to see if she could truly back it up. I had to install a ductless mini-cut method at a client’s home, which are incredibly easy to install, so I gave him the job if she could do it separate from our help. Keep in mind, I’ve seen people with virtually zero technical experience install a ductless mini-cut method in a afternoon’s time, so I was more than generous to our sibling in-law! As it turns out, her years of experience as an electrician didn’t help her all that much with this replacement, since she provided up after many hours, then the worst part of it was that she already had the air handler plus outdoor air compressor in place. All she had to do was bore a hole in the wall plus run the tables plus pipes through. Sounds like someone should think twice before saying they can do anything!

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