Peak efficiency

In the area where I live, the weather in the winter is the main concern. We invest a great deal of money into the oil furnace, because of the long weeks of freezing temperatures plus excessive snow.  A central cooling unit isn’t absolutely necessary. Our summer season rarely lasts longer than a month, plus the weather is often rainy. However, every now and then we sometimes get temperatures in the upper nineties with horrid humidity.  I had always managed to stay comfortable during the summer with window fans. On especially warm and grossly sticky nights, fans weren’t sufficient so it becomes impossible to get comfortable or sleep. I finally gave in and purchased a portable air conditioner for our bedroom and living room window.  I was surprised by how compact and affordably priced the component was to purchase. It was simple to fit into the window, plus I had it blocked in and operating within a few hours. Despite the small size, the window air conditioner is really powerful. It is able to cool the room down in less than one hour.  The air conditioner runs quietly, effectively filters out contaminants and circulates the air. The improvement in the comfort, cleanliness and smell of the bedroom has been amazing. I set it to start up shortly before I have to head to bed for the night, since the component is programmable. I can also make any adjustments, with the cordless remote that I have on hand.  I don’t need to move from my chair to change the temperature, increase or decrease fan speed or shut the component off. I’m so satisfied with having the air conditioner running, plus I’m always happy to install it in the spring.

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