Perhaps the heater will not work anymore

I travel unquestionably neverending during our free time.  Over the past few years, I have traveled both domestically & internationally multiple times.  I care about going to currently trendsetting countries & experiencing current cultures. The excitement that I experience when I am about to start exploring in a current locale is indescribable.  I entirely am blessed to be seeing current airports & getting a glimpse of a popular locale. The only space of travel that I don’t find I like is the temperature controls of the aircrafts. I find them to be overtly cold.  It doesn’t matter what time of year I travel in or during what season it is, the planes are typically freezing cold all the time. The first thing I do when I board a plane is turn off the air vents blowing directly above our seat.  Then, I ask for extra wool blankets for our long flight. These more than any other things offered to me helps, however other times, I am still unconsolable cold. On domestic flights, this is especially an issue because they don’t have blankets on these short hops.  I try to remember to bring hoodies for these flights, & this usually helps better than nothing at all. I have asked the flight attendants could do something to make the plane a bit more comfortable, however they said there was nothing they could do to change this. I just don’t understand why planes are typically so cold.  I wish there was some type of heating proposal to keep everyone comfortable during the flights. Maybe I can find a better solution for this discomfort! I try not to let this take away from the experience by focusing on our destination, however this doesn’t typically help.

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