Personal trainer helps recovery from injury

I’ve always made fitness a big part of my life.

As a young girl, I was involved in all sorts of sports, including gymnastics, volleyball, track and field hockey.

My dedication to health and wellness increased as I got older. Even after I graduated college and began my career, I continued to workout every day, maintain a healthy weight and eat right. However, a little over five years ago, I was involved in a car accident. My vehicle rolled over and the emergency responders required the jaws of life to cut me out. I was faced with three separate surgeries, an extended hospital stay and a great deal of physical rehabilitation. I had difficulty simply walking and suffered a lot of aches and pains. I had trouble sleeping and dealt with frequent migraines. Unhappy with my progress and unwilling to give up an active way of life, I contacted a personal trainer for help. The personal trainer was certified, experienced and familiar with the slow and frustrating road to recover after an injury. He worked with me on a personal basis, setting achievable goals and remaining patient when I got frustrated. He was extremely supportive and accommodating yet challenged me to work harder and longer. Progress was slow but I gradually gained strength and range of movement. As I reached my goals, I noticed my pain and headaches diminishing. I am not in the best shape of my life and I credit my personal trainer with getting me here. I still meet with him on a weekly basis and strive to improve.

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