Personal trainer provides motivation

By making fitness a regular part of my daily routine, I’ve been able to remain in good shape as I’ve grown older.

Working out in the morning is as ingrained in me as brushing my teeth or taking a shower. I do my best to remain motivated and push myself to achieve new goals. However, I recently realized that I needed some help. I’d reached a plateau and was unable to accomplish anything new. I found it more and more difficult to maintain a high intensity level throughout my workouts. I’d become discouraged, stale and disinterested. While at the gym, I happened to notice a flyer advertising a personal trainer. I did some online research, checking reviews of his clients and decided to give the guy a call. As soon as we sat down together for the first session, I knew I’d done the right thing. The personal trainer is so enthusiastic and encouraging. He insists that I continually work harder and longer, always demanding higher reps and greater achievements. He’s introduced a whole new training style that incorporates a wide variety of exercises. Where I used to stick with jumping rope or running for my cardio portion, he has me rock climbing, going through obstacle courses and doing all sorts of jumps. Rather than just lifting dumbbells, he has me utilizing resistance bands, kettlebells, weighted balls and weighted polls. While I never paid much attention to my flexibility, he prioritizes stretching techniques and unusual styles of body movement. I’ve seen a significant change in the shape of my body. I’ve toned and built muscles that I wasn’t even aware of before.


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