Pet hair like a snowdrift until an HVAC hepa filter was installed

I live in the tropical south, but the pet hair around my house is like a snowdrift. I love my pets and I love the warm weather, but over the past few years I’ve notice my air conditioner straining a little bit more each season. I try to change the filter every month, but sometimes I forget. The build-up of hair from my cats and dogs triggers sneezing from both my family and my A/C unit. Don’t laugh. My HVAC system actually seems to cough and sputter if the pet hair gets to be too much for it to handle. After doing some research, I found out that I can have a hospital-grade HEPA system; one that is compatible with my existing HVAC unit, which isn’t all that old. The new and improved A/C will filter out allergy-inducing contaminants including small particles and that means pet hair, dander as well as odors. This addition can easily integrate with my heating and cooling system and works harder than a regular one-inch filter that the HVAC unit usually takes. Best of all, my local heating and cooling certified technician is capable of making the upgrade. The new HEPA system will keep my air conditioner functioning smoothly and with less effort, thus reducing my electric bill. I called my HVAC service representative and he said installing the new unit is easy with the A/C system I already have. My pets will be happy because I will be happy. I will be happy because my A/C system will no longer be strained. There’s nothing like a cool, comfortable, tropical home, sweet home.

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