Pets and air quality

How did I end up with so many pets? I never liked animals, not for my whole life. I didn’t have a puppy as a kid, never even had fish at any point, because I never wanted to be responsible for keeping something else alive. It’s hard enough taking care of myself, why do I want the extra stress of looking out for something else’s welfare? Yet somehow I could not resist that pathetic little kitten that showed up in my backyard. It was so little and hungry it could barely move, and I saw a hawk hovering nearby, so I brought the kitty inside. If I knew how much I would end up paying in HVAC repairs because of this animal, I might have left it for the birds! Now I fully understand about how HVAC systems work, and how important it is to keep the ductwork cleared out and the air filters regularly changed. Back then I was blissfully ignorant, and had no clue that the cat hair and dander was slowing clogging up the air filter. Once that air filter got jammed up, the HVAC system had to work a lot harder to cool my house down, to the point of straining it badly. If I had caught it in time, it would have been a simple and cheap fix to change out the air filter. I had waited too long to call for help, and the HVAC contractor told me it would take about $700 worth of repairs and tune-ups to get the system working properly again.

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