Physically cannot work when its cold

I love being able to work from home, but the second it gets too cold I just can’t stand it anymore. It might sound strange but computer work is actually not that easy, and the second it gets cold it only gets that much more difficult. See, when you type for eight hours or more a day, day in and day out, your hands can get pretty unhappy. I have to do a lot of exercises everyday before and after I finish my work just to keep my hands even remotely okay. But when it gets bitterly cold, my fingers lock up and it just hurts. The cold gets into my bones and makes it hard to focus, let alone type at my usual fast speeds. That’s why I now work in a home office with HVAC zone control. With my HVAC zone control, I can stay warm and comfortable without waiting for the entire house to heat up. Having a thermostat just for my office means I am always perfectly comfortable and able to have the exact climate control settings I need to do my job and do it well. Not only does it make me more comfortable, but having an additional HVAC zone control for my heating and cooling system also works to save me money. This way, I’m not using so much energy to heat the whole house when it’s just me in the office during the day. While HVAC zone control is not a cheap thing, its an investment I am glad for and would happily purchase again.

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