Picking up old oil heaters

During the summer months, I often helped my dad for some extra cash. My dad has a moving company, and he also removes old pieces of debris. The debris removal service is especially busy during the summer, because people have time to work on the yard and Landscaping. Last weekend, my dad asked me to help out during the week. He even offered to pay me double my normal rate. We had a huge job scheduled. My dad, myself, and two other employees were traveling out to an old apartment community. The old apartments were at least sixty years old. The apartment community was in the middle of a rehab project. They were going to replace all of the old oil furnaces. Each apartment in the community was going to have a brand new heat pump installed. They were going to replace the old oil furnaces with a new heat pump, one building at a time. They already had a shed full of oil furnaces, and they were scheduled to remodel another building. The oil furnaces were very heavy, and we needed to take them to a special recycling center. It took all day long, but we managed to get the job done. My dad made a hefty amount of money, for removing all of the old oil furnaces. I work hard all day, and my Dad paid me well. My arms and legs were sore the whole next day, but I had a pocket full of money to make me happy. I took my girlfriend to a nice dinner, and we even had appetizers and drinks.

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