Planning for the future and stocking up on filters now

One of the more challenging parts of adulthood is finding time to plan for the future, even when you’re barely making it through today! When I was a “young” adult, my priority was to finish school and keep building work experience. I went to class every morning, then went to my full-time job. Now, I long for the days when working and learning were the only two things I had to worry about! Despite the growing responsibilities that come with adulthood, I’ve found that there’s several steps I can still take to keep my life in order. Coincidentally, those steps also revolve around me keeping my utility bills at a reasonable level! Starting with my heating and air conditioning system, two great steps I’ve taken to improve the life of my home’s HVAC system are to change the air filter out on a monthly basis, and to have a smart thermostat installed and running on a schedule. The air filters are a critical piece of your HVAC system – without them, the house would be full of dust, dirt and tons of other debris. Just as well, the air filter helps to prevent that same airborne particulate from accumulating in the ductwork of your home, which means indoor air quality remains high. In regards to a smart thermostat, these are more intelligent thermostats for temperature control in a home where occupancy varies. Since I can program my smart thermostat to run as desired, I can have it automatically cut off about ten minutes before I leave for work, and turn back on about 15 minutes before I get home. Doing this ensures that the house has been pre-warmed or pre-cooled based on the time of year. These two tips alone have helped me immensely with keeping my utility bills under control, and I can’t recommend them enough!

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