Plants aren’t holding up due to poor ventilation

It’s a real shame when you have to throw away perfectly good plants – especially flowers, like the orchid that I managed to keep alive through the winter! If you’ve never had to deal with the loss of a plant, don’t worry – the heartbreak isn’t quite enough to sway you from having more plants, but it’s definitely enough to get you thinking about your home’s HVAC system. In particular, you’ll start to evaluate the indoor air quality of your home, and how much the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system plays into it. See, I lost almost a dozen plants in the past three months. That’s ridiculous, right? Well, I reached out to my local heating, ventilation and air conditioning service company who in turn sent a technician to my home. With the intent to investigate the home’s HVAC system, the technician performed his diagnostics and found several things that needed attention! The heating and A/C units needed a tune-up for sure, as they were operating so inefficiently that it was costing me a small fortune to run either system. I wasn’t surprised by that, but I definitely was surprised to hear that the biggest concern was focused on the ductwork! Apparently, so much dust, dirt and other debris built up in the ductwork that my house was practically circulating sawdust around. No wonder my plants all died – they’ve been breathing dirty air this whole time!

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