Playing with the thermostat setting

I love my fiance to death, and I love that we have so much in common.  We love the same music and art, and we both love to dance. We love to eat the same kind of foods, and when it comes to what we do for fun, you couldn’t find a better suited couple.  I used to go rock climbing every weekend and that’s where I met my fiance. Now we both work for a state park, so we are always out in the weather. My thing is that since I am seldom inside, I don’t see a reason to get used to air conditioning.  When I am on my way home in the car, I just open the windows. I’ve had the sun shining on me all day, so how much warmer can I get. I don’t even mind the humidity that much, so why not just open the windows and leave the air conditioning off. My fiance is a big pansy.  He thinks that since he has been out in the heat and humidity all day, he has the right to turn the air conditioning on low and enjoy the cold air that surrounds him. I just shake my head as I begin to shiver. He will reposition the air vents so the air conditioning isn’t pointing directly at me, but that doesn’t stop the air conditioning from cooling off the car.  I have already opened the windows to let some heating into the car, because I am so cold. This is the only argument we have so far, but it can get pretty bad at times.

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