Please calm down

My mother raised me and my siblings all on her own. One year as a joke, we bought her a gift for Father’s Day and gave her a card saying that she had been all the mother and all the father we have ever needed. Since then, it became one of our odd family traditions, and we always celebrate both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with our beloved matriarch. This year we wanted to do something special, so we put our heads together, as well as our wallets, to try and shoot the works and make it truly special for her. We decided to surprise her with a brand new HVAC system for her old house. She owned the house, and had always sworn she would never move, but the air conditioner she had must have been at least 15 years old. Last summer we really noticed how poorly the cooling was working, which is what gave us the idea. This weekend my brothers are going to take Mom out for a nice lunch while I meet the HVAC contractor at her house. She thinks I have to work that day, but I will be there making sure the air conditioner goes in smoothly while my siblings keep her distracted. The goal is to have her leave a warm house, but returned to one with amazing climate control. I plan on putting a big red bow right on the new thermostat along with a card. I know she will love this new A/C and it really is something she never would have gotten for herself.

new heater