Please change the thermostat for me

I hate being sick.  I don’t hate being sick because you feel horrible and you can’t get rest even though all you do is sleep.  The reason I hate being sick is because even if I feel like absolute crap, I still have a house and a family to take care of.  My husband works, so someone has to take care of the kids. You can’t tell them to fix themselves some dinner. They can’t change their own clothes yet, so how could they cook?  

             So, I hate being sick and trying to get things done.  What I hate more than my being sick, is when my husband gets sick.  He is so much of a baby. He lies in bed and moans all of the time. I’ll hear an ‘Oh Baby’ and then he starts moaning again.  Next thing he’s yelling because he’s cold. He wants me to turn up the thermostat. I give him the remote, but he says he can’t see the buttons.  Next he will be yelling and telling me that it is too hot in the room. I tell him to get rid of the covers, but no, he wants me to turn the thermostat down.  I worry he’ll get chilled if I turn the thermostat down, but I can’t handle his whining.

           I am worn ragged by the time he starts to feel well.  Usually I will have lost a couple pounds from all of the trips to and from the bedroom.  I must change the thermostat settings at least ten times a day. Then two days later, I am sick again.  No one changes the thermostat for me.

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