Please, just get me out of here

The first time I met my lady’s parents, I surely got the feeling that they did not prefer me entirely much. Maybe it was the clear fact that my lady was 18 and I was 36, or maybe it was the fact that I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in town. Either way, they did not prefer me entirely much and they really did not hide it. Whenever my lady wanted the numerous of us to stay at their condo for the weekend, I gave tons of my savings for a hotel room. I did not want to spend the whole weekend feeling uncomfortable around them, although I wanted my lady to see her family. I saw a hotel room would be perfect for both of us, because I could hang out there while my lady visited with her family. We definitely did not have a lot of currency for a hotel room, so I rented a room at a super cheap hotel. It wasn’t the cheapest site, however it wasn’t the most high-priced option either. My lady did not complain about the hotel room, although I could tell she was unhappy, especially when the A/C unit was severely loud. Every time it turned on, the whole room began to rumble and shake. My lady wanted to shut off the A/C unit, however it was too tepid without the mini split cool air component running. My lady and I argued a lot while I was on that weekend. We argued about our relationship and how I will fit into her family. Plus, the AC. I prefer my lady a lot, however it’s hard to see a future for the lot of us.

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