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Working for a chain of fitness centers has given me the opportunity to take my wife and some of my friends, on some amazing adventures.  We have been sightseeing at places that some only dream of. We have visited most of the major cities, and some small out of the way places.  My wife’s favorite place that we have gone, also happens to be where we got to see our first rock concert. A huge headliner from the sixties and seventies was giving a concert at the amphitheatre in the city we were visiting.  She really wanted to go, and I would have paid anything to get her some tickets. I talked to the concierge at the hotel we were staying and he said he would do whatever he could. The only tickets that were available, were in the VIP section of the theatre.  I knew how expensive they were going to be and I almost cringed, but I took the tickets. I was a bit upset at how warm it was in the amphitheatre, but it was outside. As we ushered to our seat, the most amazing air conditioning hit us. We were right in front of the main stage.  There were air vents that were pointed at the stage and at the VIP section. The air conditioning was amazing, and it was well worth every penny we paid. We sat for over two hours listening to the music we grew up with, and we never broke a sweat because of the AC from that system

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