Please Trust Only Certified Pros to Touch the HVAC

I like to save the money just as much as the next person.

However, there are limits.

These words are about those limits. My folks raised my brothers and I to be independent and free thinking. We grew up on a working farm where all of us pitched in as my Dad and Mom also worked as artists. It was a great way to grow up. Although there wasn’t a lot of time spent hanging out inside in the HVAC air conditioner. That’s mainly because we only had a wood stove for the winter. Instead of looking to others to handle our problems, we generally solved them ourselves. Now, let’s be sure, back then you could work on stuff a whole lot easier than you can now. However, we were taught to be self sufficient and not to be afraid to tackle complicated problems. I brought this ethic to my adult life. When something breaks, I have a look at it before I call a repair service. I wish I could still service our cars but that has just become too complicated with all the computer stuff. However, my HVAC furnace shut down a few months ago. Of course, I had a look. There was an obviously burned out valve switch so, I simply found one online and replaced it. It fired right back up and I thought I just saved the house some dollars. Turns out, the part was not factory. So, it failed after about a month. However this time, it cracked the core of the furnace. Now, I am looking at replacing the unit out of my own pocket because my action voided the factory warranty. Take it from me, when you have an HVAC issue, call a professional.