Plugging gaps and leaks gave us a cozy house and saved on HVAC

Being new to living in the north has not been the easiest thing in the world.

The people are great by and large as is the culture.

It’s very different from where I grew up. But, I am finding a lot to like about living in the great white north of this country. It’s the weather that has me all messed up. I have never had to rely so heavily on the HVAC to be warm. And even when the HVAC is cranked up, the house still felt cold to me. The first winter, I attributed all this to me just being new to the cold. So this year, in addition to getting the HVAC inspected and serviced, I did some other stuff. The furnace is practically brand new so I felt pretty safe about getting through the winter with it. I did, however, install a wood stove as a back up as we live out a ways. We could be stuck out here if the furnace were to fail and the snow got deep. I also made the effort to find all the places where I could tighten up my home. Along with replacing all the weather stripping on all the entry doors, I added some insulation to the attic. My neighbor loaned me and instant read temperature gun. He showed me how to walk around the exterior of my house to check for places where HVAC was leaking out. I was shocked to find so many spots that were letting the cold air in and the warm air out. Hopefully, our second winter will be far more cozy. It has been so far.


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