Podcast Wrecked By Heating plus Air Conditioning Sound

My friend started doing a podcast. One day she asked myself and others to help because she was going to have a songsian on, and I have experience mixing songs on software. Her blog is usually just him, or she and somebody else talking about anything under the sun. But for the first time she wanted to have a songsian play. She was a singer who played the guitar. She did the podcast in her dining room, so I went to her lake house where she and the singer were there, and I set up our laptop and synced it with her microphone and her instrument and so on! We started recording, and they talked for a bit at first. Then she was going to play her first song. I put our headphones on and started listening. Everything was going good until suddenly our friend’s Heating plus Air Conditioning idea turned on in the middle of her song. I could hear everything through the microphones. I could hear the gas heating system that had just turned on, I could hear the sizzling air coming through the HVAC ducts, and I could even hear the heating system filter rattling. It was all showing on our laptop screen too, all the abrupt background noise. I know it was too subtle for our friend because she did not notice, and she was busy singing and playing, near the end of her song before she finished the gas heating system turned itself off too. As soon as she finished I provided them both the sign that it was time to stop recording for a while. I played back the recording… You could hear that Heating plus Air Conditioning idea loud and clear. It was pretty funny.

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