Poor air quality and lack of heating

I work as a school nurse, and it is rough. It is not the kids or the lower pay that bothers me though. The issue I have is how the school run their HVAC equipment. For starters, air quality is really important to health. Young children can catch anything and get sick due to their developing immune systems. The school should be one of the cleanest places in the world. Instead, our school has some of the worst indoor air conditions. The ductwork in the school is coated in dust. I can see the dust push out of the air vents when the HVAC equipment turns on. Then, the little kids are breathing in the dust all day long. No wonder they all get sick, have asthma attacks or are very susceptible to pollen. It is all due to the terrible indoor air quality. The school really needs an air purifier to clean it out and help the kids. Another issue is that the temperature in the building is rough. The kids are breathing in contaminated and are freezing cold. Of course we experience a ton of sick days! The heating system in the school is set on a timer. The heater does not turn on until the kids have been in school for over an hour. The heater also turns off before the students leave. They are basically in an unheated building all day. It is frustrating getting sick child after sick child and knowing the reason. If the school invested a little money into the HVAC, the kids would be fine.

air quality