Poor air quality on the airplane

We waited at the airport for nearly three hours, prior to boarding our plane.  I took a deep breath and sighed audibly. I thought I was going to be stuck in the sauna for the rest of the day.  They had a stuck thermostat that had the airport temperature up to eighty degrees. We began to board the airplane and I was relieved to feel cool air as we got onboard.  I asked if they had a problem with the HVAC and the flight attendant laughed. She told us that they had thermostats and HVAC systems that worked perfectly.

              I saw her in the airport before we boarded, so I knew she knew what I was referring to.  We were only twenty minutes into the flight, when I noticed an odd smell. I looked at my husband and I was about ready to cry.  I motioned for the flight attendant I had been talking to. I told her I knew the HVAC system was working well, but I wanted to know about the air quality.  I asked her if the air purification system was working. I couldn’t smell fresh air but I was smelling some pretty bad odors coming from the people behind me.  They had a young child with them, and apparently they hadn’t brought any extra diapers on the plane.

               By the time our plane landed, my eyes were watering from the odor.  The flight attendant apologized as we were getting off the plane and told us she hoped we had a better time in the Caribbean.  I was beginning to doubt that, because it was raining.

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